Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) considers the customer experience to be the most important asset of the business. The American fast-food restaurant chain invites its customers to participate in an online survey, in which they can express their opinion about the service at the company’s branches.


After completing the survey, all participants will receive a free 15% discount code. To participate, customers must provide up-to-date proof of purchase with the information they must complete prior to the survey. The survey was conducted to gather valuable feedback from customers and establish direct communication with them. If you are interested in participating, read this article where we have compiled all the information about the survey.

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The primary purpose of creating the MyKFCExperience survey is to create a line of communication between the company and its customers. A two-way communication link helps both parties to connect and send/receive feedback. The KFC survey helps the two agencies communicate and work together effectively.

Steps To Complete The Online KFC Feedback

  • Visit KFC UK and make a purchase. Only UK residents can complete the survey online.
  • Please keep your valid proof of purchase for the survey. The survey code can be found at the bottom of your receipt, which you will need to complete before starting the survey. The receipt is valid for up to 15 days after purchase. MyBKExperience Survey provides survey for Burger King.
  • Visit After entering the site, you will see a welcome message, and you will be asked to enter your reception information.
  • Enter the information from your proof of purchase.


Look for the field that asks you to enter:

  • Exam code
  • Purchase time
  • Click the Start button. You will see the red “Start” button. Click on it to be redirected to the search page. MyBKExperience
  • Answer all the questions in the survey. You must answer each of the questions in the customer satisfaction survey individually. After each answer, click the red “Next” button. You are asked to indicate: – Type of restaurant order. – satisfaction index. – Report if you have any problems. – If you are not satisfied, explain why. – Comments on health and safety.
  • Jump to the end. When you have answered all the questions in the survey, click the “Finish” button.
  • Get your validation code. At the end of the survey, you will receive a confirmation of your 15% validation code.

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